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Member Blogs!

Here we will post information about our members. If you are a member, send us a blog about yourself through e-mail filling out the form below.

User name:
Age, or age range:
Favorite Anime/manga:
Favorite Character:

Here is the given information about our current members:
Username: anime0002
                           Name: anime0002
                           Gender: female
                           Age: 14
                           Anime/manga: inuyasha
                           Character: kikyo
                           Interests: drawing,neopets
                           Other: i also like ranma1/2 and my fav. neopet is a chomby and my fav. 
                           petpet is a slorg!
                           Random: what does this mean?????
Username: Kiara
                           Name: Kat
                           Gender: Female
                           Age: 15
                           Anime/manga: I have no clue...way too many...
                           Character: A lot...but Sesshoumaru-sama
                           Interests: Everything...
                           Other: I'm a fun loving chick...what more is there to say?
                           Random: Yeah? Well, adjfa;lskjfasldjf;lasjdffsdfkheoihxcmnkj!!!!!!
Username: Kaze
                           Name: Kaze
                           Gender: Male
                           Age: 15-20
                           Anime/manga: N/A
                           Character: Ichigo...
                           Interests: Manga, Anime, Games, hanging out...stuff...
                           Other: Uhhhh....
                           Random: What the hell?

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